Creative Coach

who trains you to coach yourself.

How can you work on your issues when the only time for work is with a coach or therapist? One hour a week is not enough for some serious progress. What if I told you that you already live with a therapist that is also an expert on your life? You see him 24/7. 

Yes, it is you.

My creativity allows me to improvise and effectively lead my clients towards their goals through methods they can use on their own. Let me show you what power you already hold.
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Everything starts with a good coaching session.
You don't have to tell me what grades did you get during high school or if your parents loved you the same as your sibling. This is coaching, let's set up a goal for the session and find out how to achieve it. You may not leave the call as a superhero, but with properly scaled goals always comes progress. You can spend the session only sharing your story, but I think that your money is worth something more.
We are not living in a vacuum.
Relationships could be a big source and also a troublemaker. People sometimes feel like they are from different planets than us, which is true, thanks to our distorted senses and subjectivity. Communication, self-consciousness and self-valuation are frequent topics when it comes to family, love or contact with the public and their opinions. Especially anonymous opinions online.
All training wheels comes with a backlash.
When you are buying magical properties like skills, personality characteristics or a simple retreat from this complicated reality, expect to give something back in return. Sometimes it's just time and freedom, other times it could be your health. This is how addictions work. I managed all my known addictions (so far) and I even wrote a book about the specific approach that I used. Let me find you your way.
Btw, what relationship do you have with food?
Artistic, or any other flow could come with an irregular eating schedule. And a lot of people don't even know how to cook their food in a way that they would enjoy both cooking and eating. I love cooking, and I am coaching and mentoring about freestyle dish compilation, seasoning, techniques and blocks of a healthy relationship with cooking or food in general. So if that is your issue, you know where to schedule.
Time to release the creativity in you!
I worked with a lot of creatives in my life, so I could offer something regular coaches cannot. Creativity coaching could be beneficial for anyone who wants to unleash their creativity or already makes a living with their ideas. Creativity is a great source of joy and it doesn't have to result in a masterpiece. Sometimes our own enjoyment is more valuable than recognition from others.
It may feel a bit unusual to meet with your coach through the internet.
 I am always making sure to feel your needs and make it as close to a personal meeting as possible. 

And my professional streaming setup with a studio-grade condenser microphone will help me with this task. It is always better to use Discord so the voice and video quality will show up, but of course, Google Meet works anytime, anywhere and with any Google account.
Rules and borders brings freedom and satisfaction.

It is important to set some conditions so we both can know what to expect. This is only an extract of the most important parts of my Terms and Conditions.

  • I am not a healthcare professional. Do not ask me to change your diagnosis or dispute any prescribed medication.
  • Booked sessions can be changed 24 hours in advance. After that breakpoint, the session will happen with or without you.
  • Appointments could be made only in certain time periods ahead. If my schedule is full, there are new days with new time slots coming almost every day.
  • All your personal details are confidential and covered by the Privacy Policy and my ethical standards.

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